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  • Henrik Krüpper, HCS Group

    HCS Group Announces Generational Change in Leadership – Business Continuity Assured

    HCS Group announces changes in leadership: Effective April 1, 2019, Henrik Krüpper, currently Chief Commercial Officer, will assume the position of CEO of the HCS Group.

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  • Haltermann Carless ECO Brand

    HCS Group signs purchase agreement with Gevo on renewable isooctane

    HCS Group and Gevo have signed a long-term supply agreement on renewable isooctane. This step will support the hydrocarbon specialist to further grow its bio-based high purity solvents and specialty fuels businesses from niche to mass market applications, sold under the Haltermann Carless brand.

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  • ETS Partners with Curbstone

    HCS Group’s Racing Fuels brand continues Curbstone partnership

    For the 2019 Curbstone Track and Test Day season, ETS Racing Fuels will offer premium fuel delivery service on track. Curbstone gives GT or race car owners the opportunity to drive on world-renowned F1 and GT Racing circuits.

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  • Haltermann Carless

    HCS Group opens new Haltermann Carless US head office

    HCS Group has chosen Troy, Michigan, to open their Haltermann Carless head office in the US. The expansion will strengthen the brands’s position to better serve local customers in the automotive, industrial, pharmaceutical and agricultural sector.

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