Industrial – Efficient and sustainable production

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Efficient and sustainable production

Many industries value our market leading position in a variety of industrial specialty fluids. For a good reason: their high purity, quality consistency and excellent properties allow an efficient and sustainable processing of subsequent products.

To reduce energy consumption, a high insulation performance for example in household appliances, cooling containers, insulation boards or pipes, plays an ever more important role nowadays. Our pentanes are used as a blowing agent in the production of styrenic as well as polyurethane foams contributing to a key requirement for our customers: to maximize the thermal and physical product characteristics.

For the printing industry, we offer an extensive range of printing ink distillates (PID) for various types of heatset, coldset and sheetfed applications. Our products offer the properties required for state-of-the-art printing inks and can be used for sensitive printing applications such as security inks which round-off our portfolio of highly sophisticated niche applications.

In todays high-performance lubricants and hydraulic fluids as well as silicone sealants and metalworking fluids you often find our Pilot® base fluids. They have excellent characteristics, are safe to use in the workplace and throughout service life.


  • Insulation additives (n-, iso- and cyclo-pentane)
  • Specialty industrial application
  • Other industrial products