Haltermann Carless

Haltermann Carless

Out of tradition a hidden champion and global player


Haltermann Carless is a leading company of high-value hydrocarbon-based speciality products and solvents. It has a long history in refining dating back to 1859 when Eugene Carless established the company Carless, Capel & Leonard and later developed a new volatile substance which it sold under the name “petrol”.

Petrochem UK acquired Carless in 2000 forming the company Petrochem Carless, which was later acquired by HCS Group in 2013.

Meanwhile in Germany, the later on called Johann Haltermann Mineralöl AG was founded in 1898 in the harbour of Hamburg and subsequently went on to produce gasoline and pioneer the rapid development of hydrocarbon specialties. Dow Chemical acquired the Haltermann company in 2003, which was then later acquired by H.I.G. Capital in 2011 laying the foundations of the new Holding company, HCS Group.

The combined Haltermann Carless company now boasts specialised state-of-the-art production facilities in Harwich in the UK, Speyer and Hamburg in Germany, Bourgtheroulde in France and Manvel in the United States. The market leadership position of Haltermann Carless has been defined by exceptional attention to product quality and customer service. Haltermann Carless places much importance on being attentive to its customers’ requirements and applications, and as such maintains longstanding and successful customer relationships with global blue chip industry leaders.

The vision at the new Haltermann Carless is to grow as a global player in pure hydrocarbon solvents and specialities. Haltermann Carless has an extensive sales network in Germany and Europe and representatives around the globe which are helping to realise this goal.

Our business lines

  • Performance fuels
  • Performance solvents
  • Pentanes
  • Middle distillates
  • Heavy aromatics
  • Energy products & service
  • Oxo products
  • Broad portfolio of products based on renewable components


Our industries

The Haltermann Carless product lines can be found in a broad range of industries.

Performance fuels such as engine reference fuels, racing fuels, small engine fuels and first fill fuels, as well as renewable and biofuels.

Construction and Appliance Industry
Pentanes, which are used as blowing agents in the production of polystyrene and polyurethane foams.

Crop Protection Industry
With Caromax® we offer the market a broad portfolio of special aromatic solvents for crop protection.

Pharmaceutical industry
High purity paraffins for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Media and Electronics
Performance solvents produces solvents for liquid crystal production, as well as printing ink distillates (PID) and acetate solvents.

Energy Products & Services
Recycled transformer oils and transformer services.

Our history

For over 160 years Carless has been a reliable producer of fuels, solvents and speciality chemicals for the automotive, paints, coatings, adhesives and agricultural industries. As pioneers of the petrochemical industry in England, the company’s founder Eugene Carless coined in the early 19th century the name ‘Petrol’.

Originating with the distillation of coal tar derivatives, PCL developed into a successful provider of hydrocarbon based speciality chemicals, which are produced in the most modern production and refining facilities in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

The name Haltermann has stood for over a century for high purity refinery products, which are used in the automotive, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, in the printing, laboratory chemicals and electronics industry and plastics processing.

The company began as a specialised Tar Distillery from the port of Hamburg developing into a well-known supplier of speciality chemicals and high purity hyrdrocarbon based solvents with the most modern production facilities in Hamburg and Speyer.

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