Our Business

Expertise, experience and passion –
our commitment to the petrochemical and speciality chemicals industries.

The HCS Group has developed a market-, application- and service-driven approach to offer tailor-made solutions to customers and simultaneously serve megatrends in the industry.

The HCS Group concentrates on four Business Units:

  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Life Science
  • Mobility

Our product lines Mud & Specialty Oils, Printing Inks and Base Oils, Pilot Oils, Oil & Gas Products, Pentanes, Performance Fuels, Performance Solvents and Special Aromatics are assigned to the Business Units.

A strong track record of developing products in partnership with customers using strong in-house technical expertise makes HCS Group an ideal partner for new product development, supported by world-class and certified laboratories and technical teams providing application service.

Customers can be sure that HCS Group will do its utmost to deliver on time and to adapt production, even at short notice, to meet their requirements. This high flexibility can produce various speciality hydrocarbons, with excellent reliability of product quality and services along the process chain.



Our Business Units

Energy – Energy for life

Our Energy Business Unit serves the oil, gas and electricity industries with critical materials and services to ensure uninterrupted supplies of international energy needs. Our drilling mud fluids form the basis for essential components in the exploration and production of oil across the North Sea and in other regions. Our oil and gas business provides a double service, removing condensate from natural gas production and refining both it and other downgraded materials into valuable fuel, naphtha and other products.

Electricity supplies are kept online by our Electrical Oil Services (EOS) business, delivering insulating oils and maintaining transformers with mobile on-site regeneration units, and offering a closed loop oil recycling service to power generators and distributors. EOS also supports fossil fuel conservation by recycling and upgrading surplus transformer oils into alternative end-uses.

The whole unit is underpinned by dedicated laboratories and applications expertise, offering customers’ not just tailor-made products but also advice, analysis and Service.

Product overview:

  • Oil & Gas Products
    • Gas condensate evacuation
    • Pipeline interface recovery
    • Kerosines, gasoline, naphtha, white spirit
    • Toll processing
  • Electrical Oil Services (EOS)
    • New and reclaimed transformer oils
    • Mobile on-site transformer oil regeneration and processing
    • On-site and off-site storage
  • Mud and Speciality Oils
    • Drilling mud fluids
    • Paraffinic and naphthenic process oils
    • Odourless kerosine

Industrial – Efficient and sustainable production

Many industries value our market leading position in a variety of industrial specialty fluids. For a good reason: their high purity, quality consistency and excellent properties allow an efficient and sustainable processing of subsequent products.

To reduce energy consumption, a high insulation performance for example in household appliances, cooling containers, insulation boards or pipes, plays an ever more important role nowadays. Our pentanes are used as a blowing agent in the production of styrenic as well as polyurethane foams contributing to a key requirement for our customers: to maximize the thermal and physical product characteristics.

For the printing industry, we offer an extensive range of printing ink distillates (PID) for various types of heatset, coldset and sheetfed applications. Our products offer the properties required for state-of-the-art printing inks and can be used for sensitive printing applications such as security inks which round-off our portfolio of highly sophisticated niche applications.

In todays high-performance lubricants and hydraulic fluids as well as silicone sealants and metalworking fluids you often find our Pilot® base fluids. They have excellent characteristics, are safe to use in the workplace and throughout service life.

Product overview:

  • Pentane (n-, iso- and cyclo-pentane)
  • Printing ink distillates (PID)
  • Pilot® Base Fluids

Life Science – Specialities for Specialists

We are a leading supplier of speciality aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents to Life Science industries. Our products are used as building blocks, auxiliaries, solvents or additives for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, electronic, agrochemical and cosmetics industries. Our products have all required international regulatory approvals for use in most sensitive formulations.

Our performance solvents include high-quality n- and iso-paraffinic hydrocarbons with a purity of more than 95% up to ASTM grades. Combining highest purity with excellent physical properties, they are used in a wide range of demanding chemical processes, as catalyst carriers, process adjuvants and reaction media as well as for the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Our Caromax® aromatic solvents have achieved an excellent and trusted reputation over the past 70 years. They are produced from C10 and C12 aromatic compounds and are used for a wide range of applications, including as inert solvent for carrying active ingredients in emulsifiable concentrate agrochemical formulations, additives and surface coatings. To meet regulatory requirements, products with less than 1% naphthalene content are available.

Product overview:

  • Hydrocarbon Solvents 99%
  • Hydrocarbons Solvents 95%
  • Fine Products & Petrol Ethers
  • Caromax® Special Aromatics based on C10 and C12

Mobility – Fuelling the path forward

Our Mobility business unit comprises a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance fuels and reference lubricants which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of automotive and aerospace industry.

Our test and reference fuels, or special grades for first-fill or two-stroke small engine fuels as well as reference lubricants play a leading role in producing more sustainable, clean and low emission engines. To support our performance fuels activities and to provide bespoke solutions to the highest quality standard, our technical experts maintain a close cooperation with global engine and vehicle manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and test facilities.

Our technical expertise in fuels and our passion for motorsports have resulted in numerous successes over two decades in many racing disciplines by developing high performance racing fuels and services through innovative solutions.

Aircraft engines are one of the most closely monitored, tested and certified products. Our portfolio includes emissions fuels, calibration fluids for engine development and certification.

Product overview:

  • Test and Calibration Fuels
  • Lube and Additives Certification Fuels
  • Racing Fuels
  • Aerospace Fuels
  • First Fill Fuels
  • Legislated Emission Fuels
  • Bespoke Services
  • Small Engine Fuels

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