Energy – Energy for life

Our Business Unit: Energy

Energy for life

Our Business Unit Energy serves the oil, gas and electricity industries with critical materials and services to ensure uninterrupted supplies of international energy needs. It is underpinned by dedicated laboratories and applications expertise, offering customers’ not just tailor-made products but also advice, analysis and services.

Our Electrical Oil Services (EOS) brand is a leading supplier of both regenerated and unused electrical insulating oils and associated services in Europe. EOS specialists have 60 years’ experience in the production and marketing of insulating oils and supply both large and small customers in the electricity supply industry with tailor-made solutions.

Our oil and gas business provides a double service, removing condensate from natural gas production and refining both it and other downgraded materials into valuable fuel, naphtha and other products. Our drilling mud fluids form the basis for essential components in the exploration and production of oil across the North Sea and in other regions.


  • Electrical infrastructure services
    • Transformer oil regeneration and processing – mobile and stationary
    • Transformer maintenance work
    • Unused and recycled transformer oils


  • Energy infrastructure supply and services
    • Gas condensate evacuation
    • Pipeline interface recovery
    • Kerosines, gasoline, naphtha, white spirit
    • Toll processing
    • Drilling mud fluids
    • Paraffinic and naphthenic process oils
    • Odourless kerosine