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Specialities for Specialists

We are a leading supplier of speciality aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents to Life Science industries. Our products are used as building blocks, auxiliaries, solvents or additives for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, electronic, agrochemical and cosmetics industries. Our products have all required international regulatory approvals for use in most sensitive formulations.

Our performance solvents include high-quality n- and iso-paraffinic hydrocarbons with a purity of more than 95% up to ASTM grades. Combining highest purity with excellent physical properties, they are used in a wide range of demanding chemical processes, as catalyst carriers, process adjuvants and reaction media as well as for the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Our Caromax® aromatic solvents have achieved an excellent and trusted reputation over the past 70 years. They are produced from C10 and C12 aromatic compounds and are used for a wide range of applications, including as inert solvent for carrying active ingredients in emulsifiable concentrate agrochemical formulations, additives and surface coatings. To meet regulatory requirements, products with less than 1% naphthalene content are available.


  • Pharma grade solvents
  • Electronic grade solvents
  • Crop protection solvents
  • Other life science additives