Our Responsibility

Our responsibility to the environment.

HCS Group through its long history of tradition, heritage and established brands Haltermann and Carless has been committed to sustainability for more than a hundred years. The company takes its responsibilities seriously and sustainability is always at the forefront with respect to all of its business dealings, be they the economical use of resources or investment in new plant or educating its staff and neighbours. HCS Group considers sustainability across three dimensions: Environment, Social and Economic bringing an integrated approach to the way it runs its business.


Sustainability at the heart of the Group’s Strategy.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the business strategy of HCS Group and formulates the basis of the business culture and the way the company is operated. Sustainability is at the heart of the Group’s Vision Mission and Values, too – to continuously improve the environmental, health and safety knowledge and performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles so as to avoid harm to people and the environment.


Responsibility through Sustainability is Key

HCS Group is driven by sustainable development and actively supports Responsible Care through the various national responsible care programmes (In the UK – Chemical Industries Association, in Germany – Verband der Cehmischen Industrie)

In Germany, the Group is participating in the joint VCI and German Industry initiative Chemie³, an initiative launched in May 2013 to create a broader understanding of how to achieve long term economic success coupled with environmental responsibility and social equity.

“The action guidelines of the Chemie³ are a perfect match reflecting what we at HCS Group are already practicing.”

 CEO HCS Group