Upgrade and capacity expansion plan for Haltermann Carless site in co-operation with Neste Jacobs

Upgrade and capacity expansion plan for Haltermann Carless site in co-operation with Neste Jacobs
23rd March 2017 Sandra Zirm

Upgrade and capacity expansion plan for Haltermann Carless site in co-operation with Neste Jacobs

  • Haltermann Carless invests in hydrogenation technology on existing production site in Speyer, Germany
  • NExSAT-Technology by Neste Jacobs to be installed on production site

Frankfurt, 23 March 2017 – Haltermann Carless, a well-established HCS Group brand and leading provider of high value specialty hydrocarbons continues to invest into its sites and technolgies to broaden its offerings for customers. It has commissioned Neste Jacobs, a global solution provider of high-quality technology, engineering and project services, to plan an upgrade and expansion of the Haltermann Carless production site in Speyer, Germany.

A versatile hydrogenation unit, based on Neste Jacobs’ NExSAT-technology, will enable Haltermann Carless to process larger feedstock volumes and respond to the increasing demand for very low aromatic and eco-friendly oils and specialty hydrocarbon chemicals, thus opening a wider range of possibilities for its customers. “This project is not only a clear commitment to our existing production sites in Europe” says Dr. Uwe Nickel, Chief Executive Officer, HCS Group. “Furthermore the investment into hydrogenation technology is another important milestone in implementing our Strategy 2020 and writing the next chapter of the HCS Group’s development. Bringing a new while tailored technology to our Speyer site will not only secure and offer attractive jobs but will also provide new offerings for several industrial applications. We are convinced that Neste Jacobs is the engineering partner to implement state of the art technology in production, another cornerstone and the logical consequence of increasing flexibility and competence at HCS Group in all areas.”

“We at Neste Jacobs are very excited to be the preferred partner for Haltermann Carless’ next generation technology project. This is yet another great example of how partnership and vision can be successfully combined with our abilities to provide and adapt our top-notch process technologies to market demands. NExSAT-Technology is a flexible aromatic and olefin hydrogenation technology for high-quality hydrocarbon products”, says Jarmo Suominen, CEO of Neste Jacobs.

Further information on this joint project will be released in the coming months.

Upgrade and capacity expansion plan

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