HCS Group and Avantherm collaborate in the heat transfer

HCS Group and Avantherm collaborate in the heat transfer
5th June 2016 netzplan

Environmentally friendly and efficient: HCS Group and Avantherm collaborate in developing an innovative heat transfer media product line.

  • Innovative heat transfer media achieve 45-75% CO2 savings
  • Test phase in cooperation with Swedish forestry industry
  • Product launch in first quarter of 2016

Frankfurt/Stockholm, 10 December 2015. The HCS Group’s long-established Haltermann Carless company and Sweden’s Avantherm company are collaborating in the development of heat transfer fluids based on renewable, non-fossil hydrocarbons that will provide environmentally friendly and innovative products in the heat transfer media sector.

As part of the collaboration, the product development is being conducted at
Avantherm while Haltermann Carless is developing, manufacturing and supplying the necessary base oils. The new products are in particular distinguished by their unique environmental compatibility and energy efficiency. “Our innovative heat transfer media feature special thermo-physical properties, are biodegradable and lead to a 45-75% reduction in CO2 emissions. They therefore offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional products,” says Stefan Dufva, CEO of Avantherm, in explaining the advantages of the new product line.

The heat transfer media will be primarily used in industrial applications where conventional fluids reach their limits as heat transfer media.

“The demand for environmentally friendly, efficient, but nevertheless high performing heat transfer media has increased steadily in recent years. We are therefore delighted to bundle our research and development expertise with Avantherm in order to jointly benefit from this growth potential,” explains Dr Andreas Reindl, who is responsible for New Business Development at Haltermann Carless.

The heat transfer media product line is currently being tested in different projects with end users. For example, together with the Swedish Institute for Forestry (Skogforsk) it is being investigated in a pilot project. The project is being subsidised by the Swedish government. And in Finland the heat transfer media are currently being tested in several trams belonging to Helsinki’s public transport authority for use in conjunction with the air-conditioning technology.

Upon completion of the tests, the first three heat transfer media products based on biological and sustainably sourced vegetable oils shall be included in Avantherm’s portfolio and made available to customers in the first quarter of 2016.

About the HCS Group

The HCS Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty products and solutions in the hydrocarbons sector. The Group includes the brands Haltermann Carless and ETS Racing Fuels. The HCS Group belongs to H.I.G. Europe, a subsidiary of the US private equity company, H.I.G. Capital.


About Avantherm 

Avantherm is an innovative Swedish company based in Stockholm. Avantherm developsand sells special heat transfer media that have excellent environmental compatibility and thermo physical properties.


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