Haltermann Carless celebrates 160th company anniversary

Haltermann Carless celebrates 160th company anniversary
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Frankfurt a. M., Germany, June 17 2019 – Haltermann Carless, a company of HCS Group and a leading supplier of solutions for high-quality hydrocarbon products, is celebrating its 160th anniversary. Under the slogan “A pioneer of high-value hydrocarbons”, the company is bridging the gap between its rich history and current topics relevant for the future.

Traditionally forward-looking

Customer intimacy, high quality standards and future visions have characterised Haltermann Carless for generations and have made it the global market leader for many of its products. “Our tradition and the creative power of our founders is both an obligation and a driving force for us,” says Henrik Krüpper, CEO of HCS Group, which has been Haltermann Carless’ operational holding company since 2013. “We have always played a pioneering role in selected niche markets and applications. At present, we are pushing the topic of bio-based and thus sustainable technologies. We are also successfully breaking new ground in the field of digitization with our first projects. With these measures, we are preparing ourselves for the challenges of the future”.

From “Petrol” to speciality products

The extraordinary history of one of the oldest chemical companies dates back to the year 1859 and shows the successful adaptability of a medium-sized specialty chemicals company. As early as in the 19th century, Haltermann Carless played a pioneering role in the UK’s emerging automotive industry with its “Petrol” product. Today, the globally active company develops, among other things, test and reference fuels that enable more efficient engines. The company also makes a valuable contribution to saving energy with its pentanes as an important propellant for insulating materials.

The origins of Haltermann Carless

The roots of Haltermann Carless go back to two of the oldest chemical companies in the world and combine the work of two extraordinary individuals – Johann Haltermann and Eugene Carless. In 2013, both companies were merged to form Haltermann Carless. Today, Haltermann Carless is the traditional brand of the HCS Group and combines the strengths of both companies. It is thus optimally positioned for the next 160 years.

Eugene Carless founded the company Carless, Capel & Leonard in Great Britain in 1859 and developed a new volatile substance which came onto the market under the name “Petrol”. In 2000 the company was acquired by Petrochem and renamed Petrochem Carless.

Meanwhile, in 1898, a company was founded in the port of Hamburg, Germany, which later became known as Johann Haltermann Mineralöl AG. The business started as a tar distillery refining crude tar from the local gas works and eventually became a pioneer in the development of hydrocarbon specialities.

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Haltermann Carless, a company of HCS Group, it celebrating its 160th anniversary.

The extraordinary history of Haltermann Carless, one of the world’s oldest chemical companies, dates back to 1859 and shows the successful adaptability of this medium-sized specialty chemicals company.

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