Haltermann Carless achieves first commercial scale production of high-purity renewable isododecane

Haltermann Carless achieves first commercial scale production of high-purity renewable isododecane
23rd March 2022 Sandra Zirm

Our brand Haltermann Carless is the first manufacturer to launch cosmetic-grade renewable isododecane on industrial scale. As a key ingredient in cosmetics, it helps the industry to replace fossil based raw materials and critical silicones.

Frankfurt a. M., 22. March 2022 – Haltermann Carless, a company of the HCS Group and a leading supplier of high-value hydrocarbon solutions, is proud to announce the successful large-scale production of cosmetic-grade renewable isododecane, a key ingredient in cosmetics and other high-end technical applications.

At its production site in Speyer, Germany, the chemical company produced more than 50 tons of the plant-derived isododecane and intends to further expand its production capacity as a result of the strong demand for bio-based and fossil-free applications.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to enter the cosmetics market as the first large-scale commercial producer of fully renewable isododecane”, says Dr. Harald Dialer, Chief Commercial Officer at HCS Group, and adds: “Our strongly growing portfolio of bio-based product solutions supports our customers in achieving their ambitious sustainability goals and allows them to respond to the growing demand for naturally sourced and certified.”

Henrik Krüpper, Chief Executive Officer HCS Group, says: “The development of renewable isododecane demonstrates our capability to convert renewable feedstock into high-value hydrocarbons and is another great example of HCS Group’s innovation towards sustainability. It is our strategy and our aspiration to be a perpetual pioneer in the area of high-value hydrocarbons, while making a clear contribution to defossilisation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Isododecane produced from 100% plant-based raw materials

The renewable isododecane is manufactured from plant-derived resources in close cooperation with the long-term partner Gevo Inc., a front-runner in sustainable Biofuels and Chemicals. At Haltermann Carless production site in Speyer the bio-based raw materials are processed into high-purity isododecanes in cosmetic quality using advanced processing, separation and purification technologies.

Naturally sourced skincare – a strong trend in cosmetic and beauty industry

Renewable isododecane is an important ingredient in skincare, hair treatment and beauty products. It can be used as a drop-in solution making it a simple replacement to fossil-based raw materials and critical silicones such as cyclosiloxane. The cosmetics industry is heavily investing in more organic and plant-based personal care solutions in response to a strong consumer demand for naturalness and more sustainable products.


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Haltermann Carless achieves first commercial scale production of high-purity renewable isododecane.
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