MFJ Superbike Championship becomes the first ever motorcycle event to use 100% renewable fuel innovated by ETS Racing Fuels

MFJ Superbike Championship becomes the first ever motorcycle event to use 100% renewable fuel innovated by ETS Racing Fuels
9th November 2022 Sandra Zirm

MFJ Superbike Championship is the first ever motorcycle championship in the world to run on a 100% biofuel. With the decision to use the fully sustainable fuel Renewablaze NIHON R100 from ETS Racing Fuels, Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ) has achieved a major milestone in leading the motorsport industry towards a more sustainable future.


Frankfurt Germany, Yokohama Japan, November 8, 2022. ETS Racing Fuels, a leading fuel development partner for the racing industry and a brand of HCS Group, has been selected by Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ) to supply its 100% sustainable fuel Renewablaze NIHON R100 for all race bikes as of 2023 season onwards.

MFJ Superbike Championship is the first ever motorcycle championship series in the world to introduce a fully renewable gasoline leading the transformation in the motorsports industry towards more sustainable fuel solutions.

ETS Renewablaze NIHON R100 is a true racing fuel innovation. It contains proprietary renewable components that allow to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while meeting the high-performance criteria demanded by today’s modern engines. The fuel complies with the required JIS K2202:2012-Premium(E) specification and can be used as drop-in solution.

Tetsuo Suzuki, President of Motorcycle Federation of Japan, says: “The global mobility industry is moving towards carbon neutrality, and motorsport is committed to this target as well. Together with four Japanese manufacturers, we have decided to introduce for the first time in global motorcycle racing a 100% non-fossil fuel. Motorsport must become a sustainable sport to be socially accepted. I am very proud to work with ETS Racing Fuels to set an important milestone.”

Dr. Bruno Philippon, Senior Vice President Business Unit Mobility, says: “As a strong partner to the motorsport industry and a pioneer of fuel development, we are committed to support the racing sector on its journey to become more sustainable. We are excited to partner with MFJ to demonstrate our proprietary technologies contributing to a more sustainable mobility.”

Hiroki Kawamoto, ETS Racing Fuels Manager for Japan, proudly states: “We are very honoured to introduce our cutting-edge fuel technology to motorcycle racing in Japan. And we are also proud of our renewable fuel to be selected by MFJ Superbike Championship, the top on-road race category in Japan, which demands advanced technologies as well as quality stability and conscientious delivery supports. Our goal is to continuously support the further growth of the entire Japanese racing industry in terms of sustainability. We are very excited to be a reliable partner of MFJ.”

Yann Labia, ETS Racing Fuels Global Manager, says: “ETS Racing Fuels has long been considered synonymous with cutting-edge performance in the global motorcycle industry. Our numerous world championship titles in categories such as Motocross, Superbike, Supersport and Moto GP are a proof of ETS‘ support for its customers. We are very pleased to add another innovation with Renewablaze R100, our drop-in solutions for fully sustainable fuels. I congratulate MFJ and all motorcycle manufacturers involved for their strong commitment to helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint.”

100% Renewablaze racing fuel offsets CO2 emissions

ETS Racing Fuels Renewablaze NIHON R100 is produced from a number of different sources of sustainable biomass and consists of 100% plant-based raw materials. The feedstock is derived from cellulosic material that is converted into hydrocarbons and oxygenates. The innovative Renewablaze solution contributes to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to fossil-derived fuels.



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On November 5, 2022, the Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ) organised a joint press conference with representatives from ETS Racings Fuels and the four bike OEMs Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. © With courtesy of MFJ Superbike

f.l.t.r.: Hiroki Kawamoto (ETS Racing Fuels Manager Japan), Yukitoshi Fujisaka (General Manager Sales Division Honda Motor), Yukihiko Kurata (Manager Motor Sports Strategy Division Yamaha Motor), Yutaka Kondo (Company Head Suzuki Racing Company), Akira Takakura (Senior Manager Marketing & Sales Division Kawasaki Motors), Tetsuo Suzuki (President of Motorcycle Federation of Japan, MFJ), Koichi Kanno (Chairman of Road Racing at MFJ)



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